English Conversation

Forest Lake Baptist Church values people for whom English is not their first language! We offer free classes to help non-native English speakers develop and improve conversational skills, increase their confidence, make new friends, hear the gospel message and learn Christian basics.

We believe that every person whatever their national origin, ethnicity or language is important to God. We have experienced, trained and dedicated leaders who have hearts for God and all of His people and who value the opportunity to disciple non-native English speakers as they develop an ability to communicate more effectively in Australia and understand Australian customs and the basics of Christianity.

A bit about us…

Our Mission: Every person is important to God, whether or not they speak English well!

Our Vision: That every non-native English speaking person in Forest Lake and the surrounding communities be given the opportunity to better converse in our national tongue and experience first-hand how important they are to Jesus.

Our Aim: We endeavour to provide a supportive learning environment that enables non-native English speakers of all backgrounds and skill levels to improve their English conversational skills while they experience God’s unconditional love.

Our Values:

  • Focussed on learner needs
  • Effective, useful, flexible and relevant
  • Relational
  • Enjoyable
  • Safe
  • Christ Centred

Our Programme:

We offer each attendee a warm welcome and then form groups based upon English language skill level, from beginner to advanced.

Each group studies and practices English conversation based upon relevant current topics for about 50 minutes.

The teacher explains a Bible topic for about 10 minutes. Gospel tracts are available in other languages.

We all stay after class to share coffee, tea, friendly conversation and fellowship.

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