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The adolescent years were a confusing and challenging time in my life. The more I talk to others about the challenges that I faced when I was a teen, the more I hear – “Yep, me too!” We live in a rapidly changing world and our teens are overloaded with information and countless narratives about what it means to live life well! 

Our youth need a place of belonging, fun, peace and respite, a place where they can process their lives and the world they live in and seek to make sense of everything with God and His Word in mind. 

Youth group was pivotal in my life! Having adults in my life who loved Jesus and who cared deeply for me was foundational. Even though I have great parents who cared deeply for me in high school, for them, having other adults discipling me put their minds at ease. 

At Pursuit Youth we believe that first and foremost discipleship happens at home. However, it’s our heart that as leader we join our parents in discipling the youth of church and community. 

Send your youth to Pursuit Youth where they will find a community where every person BELONGS and is accepted, where they will experience the power and truth of God’s good news and BELIEVE, and where they will begin their journey to BECOME all that God’s planned for you to be.

For more information, please get in touch with Ps. Seb – seb.henley@flbc.org.au / 0434 050 222





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